Ben Nevis via School House Creek – Hector Mountains

A trip for the keen of isolated places that don’t mind a bit of walking with the skis on the back pack.

Access: is from Bannockburn via the Nevis valley Road. Drive up Duffer Saddle and drop into Nevis crossing. Stop by the station to ask permission to cross their
land as all the trip is on private property – ph (03) 445 3006 – best to call after 6pm. 4wd car is recommended as the road, even if public, doesn’t get much traffic.

When reached School house creek follow a 4wd path along the fence off the Nevis road and leave the car at the head of the flat.s
Period: better in the middle of winter as you park the car at 750 meter. The bowl if south east facing do it does hold snow till quite late.
We did the trip at the end of August few year ago.

Pretty straight forward trip in good visibility, just follow the bottom of the valley and start climbing up following the stream using easy terraces on the true left.
Once up high just follow your nose as all the terrain is easy to navigate.
The trip finishes at point 2127 with nice view of the valley, Old Man range, down the Hectors and North to the Remarkables. It can be extended to the Ben Nevis for the keen, fit and fast ones.

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