Black Peak to Treble Cone via Poolnoon Burn – Harris Mountains

A superior ski tour from Black Peak back to Treble Cone Ski Field is via the Poolnoon Burn.  This makes a good long day ski tour using Heli access from Cattle Flat, flying to the summit of Black Peak (Aspiring Helicopters -(03) 443- 7152. The cost should be around $100 mark for the one way trip.

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The route is self evident. The ridge leading SW from the summit of Black peak can be wind stripped, firm, and a little bit exposed. Gentle easy skiing slopes lead onto the Poolnoon Burn.  Good powder can be found on the south facing aspects. A quick uphill brings one back onto the ridge above the West Branch of Blue Creek.

The most interesting  skiing part of the tour is the ski descent down into the West Branch, which has some lovely gullies, a bowl and some short steeps. This area holds snow well and in good condition.

Coming out of the West Branch of Blue Creek is best tackled on the true left, and takes longer than expected. The stream banks are steep near water, and so it is best to keep to benches just above the stream.

Have a look at the map for the best route out of Blue Creek, back to TC. There is a ridge that leads down from just west of pt 2006 which gives difficulty, as is the ridge leading down from pt 1920. So best to attack the slopes back up to TC from where the 2 streams converge. Expect around 6 hours for the tour.

Black Peak-Poolnoon-TC