The Cass Valley, Mt Hutton via Faraday Glacier, Liebig Range

When heading up the Cass River, one of the first sights that catches the skier’s eye, is the bold and obvious line on the Faraday Glacier, Mt Hutton. Elegant and exacting, the route beckons and entices.

Faraday Glacier descent

The crux of the route is steep (close on 50 degrees) with sustained fall line skiing and a long run out.  The Faraday is south facing, and so the snow  can take a long time to soften in spring, when searching for corn conditions.

Looking down the Faraday Glacier into the Cass Valley

I hear that the route used to be more moderate, and more commonly skied. Glacial recession has seen a steepening of the Faraday Glacier, and it is now firmly in the ski mountaineers’ realm.

Route up the Faraday Glacier on Mt Hutton, Cass Valley

Access from Memorial hut is straight forward and quick. Allow around an hour to the snowline.

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For other routes in the Cass Valley see The Scorpion via Lady Emily Hut,    The Liebig Range loop , Falcon’s Nest and The Needles, and  Mt Hutton via Huxley Glacier . For Glenmore Station access and hut bookings in the Cass valley read here.

R.Raynes & T.Wilmott  late September 18