End Peak to Treble Cone, Harris Mountains

End Peak to Treble Cone is one of the best one day ski tours around. A helicopter lift is cheap, quick and will get you tot the beginning feeling fresh. There are excellent bowls t ski to the south, and the basin to the west of End peak is superb. The tour finishes back at treble cone so leave you car in the carpark and make sure you are back before 5, or let ski patrol know you will be late.

From the summit there are many beautiful bowls to choose from. We skied the obvious lines to the south of the peak in beautiful powder and found easy access back to the summit. After a few runs we headed back to the summit of End Peak to start the journey back to TC. The ridge itself is not easily traversed as it has many gendarmes, however there are multiple options for  ski descents  and to traverse on both sides of the ridge with moderately angles slopes (20-30 degrees), and easy route finding. However to avoid a cliff band it is recommended to make the final descent into the valley below the TC quad from peak 1955, angling to the North, and Not traverse the western slopes below pt 1940.
Helicopter takes 6, around $100 per person for a one way ticket. Contact the pilot Alex on 443-7152

There are also several excellent couloirs to ski from the summit of End Pk. Scout them carefully as some have cliff bands in them. The best are accessible from about 30m below the summit of End peak, to the north. Care is needed in the basin below the summit as it can be threatened by avalanche from multiple aspects. It can pay to traverse out immediately, staying high,  from the bottom of the couloirs.

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