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By , November 24, 2013 3:04 am

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7th of October 2016 Arend, Vincent en me skied for the first time a couloir West of Mt Annan starting at 2600 ending 500 meters lower.

5 months ago

Julian HullsClassy5 months ago

Geoffrey MeyerWhen the only way out is down...thats what you gotta do.....! Great footage of NZ Back-Country...and grins all round at the end.....Hope you all enjoyed a well deserved beer...!5 months ago

Mohamed Jellah AitlmoudenWww.atlastrekadventure.com5 months ago

Holly ManiganI am so so so so excited to explore the couloirs of Mt Cook! So much stoke. #isitwinteryet?2 weeks ago

Maud Glacier on 20 Sept 16. Ski access on to the Neish Plateau ... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago

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NW shoulder of DArchiac and the Fitzgerald Glacier. Watch out for rockfall in Fitzgerald Stream ... See MoreSee Less

6 months ago

Johnny WarburtonStunning.6 months ago

Terry GrayLove it6 months ago

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A ski down Ben Lomond the day before work

7 months ago

Matt NiceNice!7 months ago

Scott PalmerWas this in June?7 months ago

Jack CrognaleGreat run!7 months ago

Alastair Dixonlol love it6 months ago

Mitchell ArishJeez falling down that rock section was full on . Looks great fun3 months ago

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Whakapapa Custodians Angus, Jemma, Matthew and Chip climbed a snowy Mt Ngauruhoe this week for just one sweet ride down. See the whole thing right here!

8 months ago

Whakapapa Custodians Angus, Jemma, Matthew and Chip climbed a snowy Mt Ngauruhoe this week for just one sweet ride down. See the whole thing right here!

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A different and (more) interesting route from Black Peak back to Treble Cone : Black Peak into the Poolnoon Burn, up into the west branch of Blue Creek, down to the east branch Blue Creek, and back up to TC, then ski down to Seventh Corner. ... See MoreSee Less

8 months ago

Julian PettitGreat photos J8 months ago

Eva AkopianToby Renton go scope this out8 months ago

Hey, I thought it would be good if you could add access requirements to Old Man peak, it seems to get a bit of traffic and better to keep it tidy before any issue rises. "The tour run almost entirely on Dunstan Downs station land, however the access roads is on Morven Hill station, please seek permission before entering. The Omarama visitor center by the Hot Tubs will be able to put in contact with the station. 03-438 9703 or can be done directly via Dunstan Down is approachable while Morven is unknown so might need to adjust access depending on permission. An alternative access to the tour is from the McKenzie country side, approximately 5 km north of the Lindis Pass and runs all in the Dunstan Downs property." ... See MoreSee Less

8 months ago

Josh LoveFabian Cuer8 months ago

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9 months ago

Catherine FallonStephen Popenhagen Paul Fallon9 months ago

Josh LoveFabian Cuer9 months ago

Don McLeodStan Hawkins9 months ago

Nicholas KendrickRhys Jones9 months ago

Jim ScharfeGT! Add this to the list!9 months ago

Duncan KeenanHarry Young9 months ago

Symmetry Peaks photos taken 2 weeks ago, ski tour - Jimmy and Bron. ... See MoreSee Less

9 months ago

Adam FlemingBrad Markey9 months ago

Andrew MillsBe keen to get up there again when the snow comes back Adam Fleming9 months ago

Adam FlemingDamn right millsy. Show us the way!9 months ago

Brad MarkeyYes please!9 months ago

Eva AkopianToby Renton9 months ago

Todd RedpathThomas9 months ago

Hey folks, Here's some Treble Cone info for ski tourers this year: They have a back country pass this which is $40 this year. It includes one ride on the Home Basin Express and 2 rides on the Saddle Quad. For info on some of the excellent touring accessed from Treble Cone Ski Field, check out I totally recommend the End Peak back to Treble Cone tour. The following was sent through from the Treble Cone office: Treble Cone Ski Area is the backcountry mecca of the south, providing easy access to some fun and often challenging side and backcountry terrain. Unique to Treble Cone, a series of patrolled and avalanche protected chutes (Motatapu Basin), provide a great backcountry like alternative when avalanche conditions are sketchy elsewhere. It is a 20-minute boot pack or skin out of the basin, keeping ski traffic to a minimum. Outside of the ski area boundary, the area holds numerous facing options accessed from two gates skiers left and right of the Saddle Basin offload area. A great alternative to skinning the 800 metre of vertical to the access point is the discounted Backcountry Pass, designed with enough lift access to get you in and out of the backcountry. The access point skiers right of the Saddle Chair offers options within a 15-30 minute boot pack or skin and some moderately pitched back bowls a little further to the west. The boot pack starting skiers left of the Saddle Chair accesses the backside of the summit and the unmistakable Back Peak around a 4-hour skin from the resort. When accessing backcountry from Treble Cone, always inform the resort patrollers of your plans. They are also great resource for local conditions and insiders’ tips. ... See MoreSee Less

11 months ago

Thomas Hyde IbbotsonTodd Redpath Adam Fleming Keen to go for a hoon from here11 months ago

Phillip MulcaireSeth Joel Hamon11 months ago

Rahana JarvisMatt Jarvis11 months ago

Bryce NewSoul food!!11 months ago

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

Torey ScaringeHi everyone! Hope you had a great season! I'm looking for people to participate in some ski and boot testing for touring gear starting next season. If you are interested please e-mail me at It's a great program! look forward to hearing from you! Thanks1 year ago

Garden of Eden September 2015 ... See MoreSee Less

1 year ago

Alberto Andreswhere´s exactly...?1 year ago

Bryce NewEpic post!!! Looks like you guys scored both wx and great snow conditions. Good on you!!!1 year ago

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Manu and Shankar ski Angelus Peak and track out Angelus Basin, Nelson Lakes National Park, New Zealand, September 2010. Most of the photography is by Shankar...

2 years ago

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End Peak ski tour last Thursday ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago

Lucy MorrellWow.2 years ago

Paul AhartWow! Looks like totally awesome skiing!2 years ago

Rolf-inge NodbergNice,very,very nice!2 years ago

Frederico Varengo sent the following through: Here's is some shots from Gunsight Pass, North Temple Stream, 1.5, 2hrs walk in, snow down to 1200mt more or less, it gets pretty warm in there good place to go chase early season corn. max 40deg. ciao ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago

Whitney ThurlowNice work Feddy! Looks a lot more fun than in summer.2 years ago

Blair FindlayJosh Clark uncanny2 years ago

Chandler Corbinky Are there any fellow ski tourers that want to let me join for some ski tours around Wanaka? I am A very good skier on holiday from Colorado with Avalanche gear. I am really wanting to find new routes;2 years ago

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Hello, if you are new to skitouring/splitboarding, Small planet sports is organizing FREE 1-day ALL GIRLS courses during this winter. The next one is scheduled for the Saturday 1st August 2015. If you wanna join us, please email : More info on the pics bellow. Kat:))

2 years ago

Chandler Corbinky Are there any fellow ski tourers that want to let me join for some ski tours around Wanaka? I am A very good skier on holiday from Colorado with Avalanche gear. I am really wanting to find new routes;2 years ago

From car park at top of the Crown Range Road to Crown Peak, then down Coal Creek to the road. Tuesday 7th. A nice loop with a 1000m vertical ski. ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago

Chandler CorbinAre there any fellow ski tourers that want to let me join for some ski tours around Wanaka? I am A very good skier on holiday from Colorado with Avalanche gear. I am really wanting to find new routes;2 years ago

Hi all, please could you comment on the following: Walking Access NZ has arranged a meeting between Ski Tourers, DoC and Commercial interests. They would like Ski Tourers' feedback on the proposed new access route to the Pisa Conservation Area. Please see map below. The existing legal access is in Blue, the proposed new access is in Red. The Red proposed access obviously is longer, less direct, and follows along the boundary of the Snow Farm. It does however offer access and is functional. The existing Blue easement is shorter, more direct, starting with a ski descent down a more isolated valley, suggesting a higher quality of experience for the ski tourer. The route keeps away from the Snow Farm tracks. Parking is inside Vehicle Testing terrain. What does everyone think?. Should the ski touring public relinquish its legal access for the new proposed access? ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago

Alice BehanI can understand making the change if tourers were using Snow Farm facilities/trails or interfering with their operations but by the looks of this graphic the blue option is further away from their facilities and less visible to Snow Farm paying users. So I say no to relinquishing the legal access. Could offer to park at the main carpark instead of the easement carpark option if that helps?2 years ago

Kat ArmstrongThe current access is fantastic for ski touring. If we only want to tour for a day, outside Snow Farm, the shorter the access to the backcountry the better.2 years ago

Rupert GardinerI like the blue easement as it stays away from the Snowfarm. Would there be access through Vehicle testing if this was used or would it be effectively cut off? Isn't the red currently the access used? The red way gets a bit confusing with all the snowfarm trails and like you say more than doubles the distance. This means ski tourers will be an area where they could do the wrong thing for longer, ie end up wrecking the groomers versus only having a couple of groomed trails to get around if the blue is used.Go team Blue!2 years ago

David GraingerI've used the blue route too for access to Pisa Cons. Area. I would only support the red route as an alternative if they waive the fees charged for parking a vehicle overnight at Snow Farm.2 years ago

Simon Barbergeese i only ever new about the red access, thats the one i was always told to use. Didn't think you were allowed on the blue one as is was in the proving grounds. would be stoked to usethat short one thats for sure.2 years ago

Graeme GlassI've used the Blue route in the past but was of the understanding it was now out of the question because it passes through the Proving Ground2 years ago

Ray O'BrienHi there used to work there and love touring as do most cross country skiers. The blue is pretty much the old route and the red more recent route. The fee was not for parking but road use. There needs to be more info before opinions are formed. Questions around where people sign in, access through locked gates to proving ground, how easily tourers end up on test track which is dangerous for them and drivers, access through the biathlon firing range, impact on access if events are being run ... Lots more that should be included rather than the lines on the map so that its win win for everyone in this great location2 years ago

Jonathon WillsI far prefer the blue legal easement. The red is much further and is difficult to get around the stream without going on the cross country trails which snow park get militant about. Despite the fact the have essentially groomed part of the marked DOC track. (Red route)2 years ago

Nichola GreavesI'm familiar with the red track. I thought following this track you are suppose to cross the Meg when you first see it and tour up the true left or trespass and tour up the easy groomed Snow Farm track on the true right(?). The blue track looks a better option on the plan, more direct and crossing the Meg upstream where there's more snow cover. Be great to ski tour over blue track to know for sure.2 years ago

Luke FaedDoes anyone know when and where the meeting is?2 years ago

Ski Touring New ZealandThe meeting is at the Snow Farm on Monday 6 July - tentatively 11 am2 years ago

Katie Deanswe were told last year that blue is the old access and have been using red ever since.....i would quite like a small bridge access the meg at the was a bit slippery on rocks and ice a couple of weeks ago...sorry cant make the meeting...happy to pay $20 for road2 years ago

Whitney ThurlowJust so people know, the wording in the easement agreement gives any member of the public "The free uninterrupted and unrestricted right liberty and privilege" to use the carpark and access on the blue line. It is the duty of the Proving Ground not to interrupt the access. The Blue access and carpark is much shorter than the current access, especially at the end of a long day coming back uphill. It also keeps back country skiers out of the Snowfarm track system. It is important to let the government know how you feel if you don't want to lose this right. Write to Ange.vanderLaan@walkingaccess.govt.nz2 years ago

Mark Sedonwho do we write to in support of the legal blue track?2 years ago

Mike RobertsI've done the red route twice in the past 3 weeks and would favour the original blue route. The blue route no longer appears to be an option when your up there. Blue would be much better for Kite Skiers I think? I did see some folks on snow machines go in the direction of the blue route. Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention.2 years ago

Flore Masyeah, the red route is really boring and long! keep the blue!2 years ago

Eddie GapperBlue.2 years ago

Simon MosesGo Blue!!!!!!2 years ago

Malcolm CleughSupport the blue option2 years ago

Sam GearyWhat's the access to north like as over the last few years new restrictions and fees were put in place although not very well posted and policed2 years ago

Dylan VickermanBlue looks better. Ive currently only used the access because we weren't allowed to park in the blue access carpark.2 years ago

Rick BoebelI would definitely use the blue access, it is the only legal access to the Pisa conservation area. It has never been a question of ever giving it up, it is not ours. It was given to the government as part of tenure review in 2002. The easement includes a fee set at $20 for the use of the road and parking in what has become the Southern Proving Grounds parking lot now (it wasn't there in 2002), the $20 fee is to cover the land owner maintaining both the road and the parking. The present fee owner (Southern Proving) is not on legal ground blocking the road to the parking easement. The real question in my mind is there any reason to ever use the proposed red access, I think not.2 years ago

Ben A-SmithGo Blue. I'm not sure I see any benefit in using the red. I might be prepared to use the red if there was something in return. Free access, maintained bridge across the stream etc...2 years ago

Elliot SignalIn favour of the blue option, power to the people!2 years ago

Dave CassaidyBlue is definitely the better option.2 years ago

!!Cardrona Slack Country!! - unofficial rules for touring from Cardrona Ski Field - as relayed to me by patrol... * Keep to the outside of the boundary fence....that is the boundary fence should always be on your right on the way up. * Keep to single file for the short section when touring up the cat track/piste. * Be back by 4pm *Clear the car-park by 5pm and remove your car before then or a SAR operation may be called. (no overnighters without prior approval). *Watch out for downhill traffic. *Stay out of the ski field. That is, don't tour up and then decide to ski down the piste; stay out of the field completely (which is fair enough). *If for some reason you find yourself inside the field, obey all signs and don't duck the closed ropes to exit, as punters may follow you... *Park down at the second car park next to the Back-country Avalanche board. Don't take up space in the top car park. There is a new cat skiing operation starting this year in the main south basin of Mt Cardrona; the most popular area for ski touring. A new road has been cut from the skyline ridge just south of the top of McDougalls chair, at about 1750m, sidling across right into the middle of the basin. This is for cat/groomer access. I have been in touch with the cat operator who will pass on any new requests for ski tourers. ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago

The following was forwarded to Ski Touring NZ by a group of ski tourers concerned about newly created access difficulties; something pertinent to us all. Please read: The Pisa Conservation Area is one of New Zealand's best back country skiing locations. When the Pisa Conservation Area was formed, there was an easement created so the public would have access. This legal access is the red line on the map. This worked fine until the Southern Hemisphere Proving Ground (SHPG) grew in size and heavy machinery made the parking for skiers problematic. SHPG and the Department of Conservation (DOC) reached a "compromise" and the access was moved to where the green line is. Access details Red line, original legal access. It is .9km and is the most direct access and goes down a gentle and relatively secluded gully. Parking for this route is provided for in the legal easement. Green Line. This is 1.8km begins with an uphill and runs contiguous to groomed cross country tracks that back country skiers are not allowed to ski on. By sending skiers uphill in the wrong direction, and doubling the distance, this access substantially degrades the quality of the original legal access. This difference is particularly noticeable on the return uphill trip. In effect and extra hour + - is being added onto the time it takes to get to, and return from, the Conservation Area. DOC and SHPG have come up with a solution to a problem that is very reasonable from their point of view but with no input from back country skiers. The original legal access was located where it is because it is the shortest and easiest access to the Conservation Area. To deny this legal access because it is inconvenient to commercial interests is unjust. What is to keep the access from being further degraded in the future? The only people who think that the situation is acceptable are people who do not backcountry ski in the Pisa Conservation Area. When the access was changed there was no opportunity for feedback from back country skiers. When DOC was asked about this situation they said no one had complained so from their point of view everything is fine. Is this fine? I am wondering if people have ideas on how DOC can be made aware that this situation is unacceptable? SHPG is very concerned about safety and rightfully so. However, there is no reason that a well designated parking area can not be provided that will satisfy all involved. #2 SKMBT_C284 14090909320.pdf ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago

Deanpaul RussellAndrew McLean, thought this might interest you.2 years ago

Joe Harrison 17 October 23:55 Hi I'm looking for any ski touring news (first descents, trips, classics repeats ) done this past winter for the NZAC journal so please get in touch if you have anything to share. Cheers joe ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago

Joe HarrisonThanks for thats, email joeharrisonnz@gmail.com2 years ago

Freddy and Nick Begg skied this line off Mt Sibbalds east face last week. The took the diagonal couloir through the rock band. Nice line. ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago

Estée FarrarNice work Federico Varengo 😊2 years ago

Niki BeggAnd Simon Seasoning Reeves and Cameron McAlister2 years ago

Jared ÅkerströmI heard some american was the one to spot it2 years ago

Ski Touring New ZealandThis couloir has about 500m vertical - its long!2 years ago

Niki BeggDid you go ski it?2 years ago

Steve SavageWe were up there yesterday and could just see the tail and exit of it. Top effort guys!2 years ago

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