Ova Freebird

Ova Freebird The Ova Freebird is very light and easy to manoeuvre: a modern pure touring ski. Inside, the core is made of paulownia and a mixture of glass and carbon fibre, giving a core of 2.25 kg in the 175 cm length. As for shape, the Ova Freebird has a progressively raised tail, a soft sidecut and a tolerant flex, enabling it to pivot superbly without any sacrifice of performance on hard snow. The nitty gritty: Narrow width: 85 mm waist. Light rocker: stability, small pivot, good edge grip, float. Extra long classic camber: classic camber underfoot with an extended ski/snow contact for alpine-style turns. Short turning radius (17 m): very agile on smooth surfaces and crud alike. Moderate flex: a tolerant and comfortable ski. Weight: 2100g/pair @162cm – 2200g/pair @170cm – 2250g/pair @175cm – 2400g/pair @180cm. The Ova Freebird is for you if: you want to be light as a bird on the way up… and still hot-headed on the way down.  “Very light and super-manoeuvrable, these new Ova Freebird skis are perfect for off-piste all through the season. On the uphill they’re so light you forget they’re there; and they’re really fun skis with their super pivot and tolerant flex.”  Johanna Stålnacke