Jacks Stream and Stony Stream, Ben Ohau Range

Boot packing along the ridge a the head of Jacks Stream

Jacks Stream, and Stony Stream offer good interesting ski touring on a range of terrain and aspects. There are a lot of south facing slopes that can hold powder in good conditions well after a storm has departed.

Steep head wall to Jacks Stream. South face of Mt Dun Fiunary in background
Powder on the headwall of Jacks Stream, point 2332 on left

The basins at the heads of the streams are relatively low angle, with steep headwalls. There are also a variety of couloirs to ski, and some interesting summits to boot pack up. This area would make for a good place to have a camp, and then explore over a couple of days.

Looking up at the head wall of Jacks Stream. The col to the left gives access to Stony Stream. Point 2332 is centred
Skiing down Jacks Stream at about 1800m

These Streams are in the middle of the Ben Ohau range. Avalanche forecasting has them under the Mt Cook umbrella. The forecast for Mueller Hut is somewhat indicative, as it is at the furthermost northern part of the range, but since the Streams are some 25km south, the Ohau area forecast may be more indicative at times. This may be seen when it is stormy up at Mt Cook, but still fine at Jacks Stream. Therefore take both region forecasts into account for weather and avalanche info.

Approaching pt 2233 at the head of Stony Stream, looking SE
Fun skiing, Stony Stream
Short steeps mid way down Stony Stream (1850m)

Helicopters fly from Glentanner, which is very close, and makes for a short (cheap) flight. Call The Helicopter Line on  0800 650 651, or +64 3 435 1801. The flight time to the ridge dividing Jacks Stream from Stony Stream is 0.2  (of the hour/hourly rate). Helis can generally take 6 light people with day packs and skis. (around 120$ per person per flight in 2018). Expect to fly out of Jacks stream as the walk is overly arduous for most. It can be done though…

Wide open bowls in Stony Stream

There is intermittent mobile phone coverage from the ridge tops at the head of the basins. We were able to contact the helicopter company at Glentanner via mobile, to arrange our pick up time at the end of the day.

At about 1800m in Stony Stream

These areas are in prime heli ski terrain and from Mid July to mid August it could be expected to have to share the terrain…

Wide open basin at the head of Stony Stream

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