Kaimakamaka Peaks, Ben Ohau Range

I understand that Kaimakamaka means ‘knucklebones’ in Maori. If this is so, then the peak is aptly named, as it sits like a solid fist on the ridge; rocky knuckles festooned with steep parallel couloirs.
South face Kaimakamaka pk
When the springtime snow line is high, a quick flight up to the Kaiamakamaka peaks is worthwhile. This area gets hit hard by the wind so expect to most often find wind affected snow.
Looking towards Razorback Ridge, the col at the head of Irishman Stream in foreground
Its a very quick flight from Glentanner and is about 0.3 of a flight hour. For 6 of us in a helicopter (traveling light) we paid $75 each for each way ($150 for flight in and out). A very reasonable price.
Looking into the head of east branch of Stony Stream
There is a good helicopter landing site on the plateau just south of pk 2392. Irishman Stream makes for some good intermediate terrain, as does the drainage to the east of pk 2392.
Looking down Irishman Stream. Gentle terrain.
A steeper entrance to Irishman Stream through the headwall.
But perhaps what could be of most interest is for ski mountaineers looking to ski steeper lines (45 -50 deg or so). The head-wall to Irishman Stream has some tantalising couloirs; some with rock steps requiring rappels. They are not long in comparison to some of the greater lines being skied, but I suggest they would make a great training/sport skiing area for those looking for the gnaar.
Irishman Stream headwall
Similarly, the south face of Kaimakamaka Pk has some good looking lines.
Kaimakamaka peak’s steeper lines
We toured around Irishman Stream and then crossed over col to the east of pk 2392, and then worked our way up to ski from the summit of Kaimakamaka pk.
Skiing from col at head of Irishman Stream over to col on east ridge of pk 2392, en route towards east face Kaimakamaka Pk
Starting the journey up east face Kaimakamaka Pk
The fittest in the party putting in a track up east face Kaimakamaka Pk
Our helicopter pick up was from the snow line, directly down valley to the east of the summit. There is fine mobile phone coverage from most of the area, so a pick up anywhere is feasible.
Skiing east off the summit of Kaimakamaka Pk
A ski/walk out is also possible down the valley east of pk 2392. The valley chokes at around 1600 m and has several bluffs. Best line is to the true right, expecting slopes at around 40 degrees for a bit.
Ski and walk out option down valley east of pt2392, keeping to true left
Follow the valley down through the tussock staying on the true left of the stream, eventually gaining a small ridge, leading to the 4wd track, about 45 minutes march to the road.

View Larger Topographic Map Photos are from late September 2018