McKerrow range – Makarora – Mt Shrimpton missing link (cental part)

I feel like I have to add this tour as missing link between another two in the McKerrow range. It fits in between Boundary Creek traverse and the Camerons Creek traverse.

As per the other tours grab an helos lift from Harvey Hutton of Backcountry Helicopters 443 8351.

We got dropped off on point 1977m north of Mt Shrimpton and skied the basin below. Made our back to the saddle between Mt Shrimpton and point 1960. A big south facing cornice gave us some grief and a shovel and an ice axe might come handy. From there drop into the basin and back up to the saddle south of mt Shrimpton. Ski as far as you can till you meet the Makarora-Mt.

Shrimpton track that will take you straight to the car in about one hours walk.
It is a pretty straight forward trip but it crosses steep sections of the mountain and it needs a stable snow pack. Approx time from drop off to car park is about 6-7 hours.

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