Middle Peak 1840m via hi-traverse or heli, Harris Mountains

Middle Peak is the good looking basin just north of Cardrona ski resort. With a
good south-east exposure holds snow in good condition never the less the relatively low altitude.

Two way to get there:
The first is an awesome traverse from the top of Cardrona ski resort: first up to Mt Cardrona, descent to McDonalds peaks, up on the way of Knuckle peak to the lowest point of the traverse (1200m) back up to Highland saddle and after a couple of up and down you will get to the top of Middle Peak.
This involves roughly 2000m of vertical climb and about 20km of skinning skiing and walking.

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The second way is more comfortable and you actually will get to enjoy the ski in the basin: contact Aspiring Helos at 03 443 7152 to get a drop off to the top (around $400 for a load in 2009). They can arrange a pick up for the same price otherwise you are in a walk out.

If you decide to walk out make sure to contact before you plan to do the trip Hamish MacKay at Spotts creek station 03 443 7744 to ask for permission and directions. Follow round hill spur is the best option.

Don’t be bother on contacting mr. Anderson at Boundary creek station, last time he told us he is gonna shoot us and guts us if he sees skiers on his property again.