Mt Ngauruhoe – North Island NZ

Mt Ngauruhoe is a classic cone shaped volcano of near perfect symmetry. It sits in a spectacular position besides its cousins Ruapehu and Tongariro.  In winter it tends to holds snow well and makes for a wonderful, single day, back country ski tour. The slopes tend to hold some beautiful corn snow later in to the season. In mid winter you can expect some wind affected snow, and at times, Mount Ngauruhoe can be quite icy. The volcanoes are very exposed to the elements and can be wind blasted in inclement conditions. So makes sure you pick you weather window well as there is no shelter up there. Conversely, in spring the solar radiation is intense. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

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The slopes angles are around 30 degrees which is perfect for skiing. The volcano is still  active, with steam vents on the summit. Check out these videos.  A classic North Island ski tour.