North Pisa Range Robrosa Hut

Another ski touring option on the North Pisa Range is to base out of the Robrosa Hut. Situated in the north branch of the Cliff Burn it is a short trip from the Snow Park. The hut is surrounded by ski lines and also offers easy access tot he east faces of the Pisa Range (Cromwell Faces).

At 1700m in a protected bowl Robrosa Hut is a powder magnet. Access steep chutes as well as gentler terrain. Great all weather (well almost all weather) access and one of the few places where you can get out and ski in a storm.

Robrosa Hut is a private hut but may be available for  hire. Contact Robrosa Station for further information . Ski tour in and out or short heli access from Wanaka airport. Hut sleeps 4 in comfort or six if you are very friendly. Two huts for larger groups.  Commercial rates available.

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