Ski descent Mt La Perouse – ski mountaineering

Freddy Varengo skied this line from Mt La Perouse’s summit this winter 2012. Its an aesthetic line on a big face, and really quite bold. The earlier part of the route put him under the hanging glacier which threatens pretty much the first half of the route. As Freddy points out it doesn’t look big in the photo but actually the ice cliff is huge. He said it had him worried, but he was travelling so fast that it didn’t matter. There were also several large slots that gave him trouble on the way up.

Once he got to the traverse across the bench 2/3 of the way up he put his skis on to glide across , before ascending the couloir to the summit. Once again Freddy had great conditions and enjoyable skiing. He skied the bench traverse with a glide (no boot-packing), and had several large jumps to clear crevasses. Nice line.

Also whilst in the area Freddy skied Sturdee Peak – for which I can’t find a photo.

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Ski descent Mt La Perouse