Ski Touring Access to the Pisa Range – rules.

North Pisas

There are two current access points to the Pisa Range. The access in blue on the map below is a legal easement. Legal easement was generated in 2002 as a result of Land Tenure Review process. It still exists and the public has the right to free passage (though poles have been removed).  This easement passes through land which is used by Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds (SHPG) and offers the most direct and best skiing access to the Pisa Range. There is a barrier across the road which can be passed either by car or on  foot or skis on the way to the car park at the end of the road (marked on map with blue circle). The SHPG have requested that ski tourers notify them at their office that they are passing through SHPG areas, which would be courteous of the public, but is not a requirement. The public is not required to wear hi vis, sign in, attend inductions etc. There is however a requirement to pay 20$ per vehicle for usage of the road. This 20$ is payable regardless of where you park or access the Pisa Range. Payments can be made to the Snowfarm office. Hopefully this route and car-park will be marked clearly in the future with poles.


SHPG Easement route Blue

There is also currently another access point for tourers. It is not a legal easement but has been used with Snowfarm approval for the past three years. The route is partially marked with poles. This is the red route on the map below. There is a requirement to pay 20$ for using the road on this route as well, payable to the Snowfarm office.

Alternative Pisa access routete red