Ski touring Lake Angelus, Travers Range, Nelson Lakes

Ski mission up to Lake Angelus in 2014.

3 days spring skiing and had basin to myself. This is a great spot when it’s a good snow year. Access is easy along Robert ridge although some aspects can stay firm and icy thought the day along later parts of ridge. Another access is from Speargrass valley, this route is few hours longer and can be prone to post holing during spring and winter when in creek bed. From Speargrass hut another alternative is to head along Sabine track to first spur. Turn left and follow deer trail along the well defined spur. Once out of the bush its easy travel up to ridge line NW of lake Angelus. Dropping straight down here can be very icy so take care.

The basin has a lot of rolling slopes which lends to easy skinning up to ridges. There is a few steeps on slopes of Mt Angelus and more cliffs to send than you can poke a stick at.

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