Submit a Tour

To contribute your tour to this website, email the information through to and we’ll get back to you as soon a possible and get your tour online!


Tour descriptions

Ideally we want ski tour submissions to be useful for readers in terms of doing the trip for themselves so make sure you include the nitty gritty like access, rough timings, huts/camping, location (grid references or a map – see below) and other relevant info. The date of your trip and how much snow is needed is also useful information. We also want to hear some  good stories/epics.



We like lots of good quality photos to help inspire people to get into the mountains.  A dozen or so photos is a great number to show what the tour was like, but send more or less if you want.

Photos should be at least 1600px wide (about 1Mb).  You can either send them through as an attachment via email, or via a link to a cloud storage site.  It help readers a lot if there’s captions for the photos. You can either rename the photo files something  like this;

  • Garvie Mountain Tour 001 – Access track via the Garston Ski Hut
  • Garvie Mountain Tour 002 – Interior of the Blue Lake Huts
  • Garvie Mountain Tour 003 – First lines down Mt Gow

Or you could include caption information along with the tour description.   If you don’t have photos, (or don’t have captions) don’t worry too much, we’ll just be glad to get the information about the tour!


Tour Map

We’re upgrading our tour maps to be interactive, so the most helpful submissions would be Google Earth .KML files

But any other sort of map with some lines drawn will be a great start for us to convert it into an interactive map!   By convention we use red for ascent or traverses, and blue for downhill lines. If you don’t have a map, we’ll do our best to draw approximate lines to give people an idea of where you went. We’ll work together to make sure its as accurate as possible.



If you have put a video up on YouTube or any other web site, send us a link so we can embed the video in the tour page.