TC – Commitment Chutes – Motutapu backcountry skiing loop

This was a wicked day of backcountry skiing New Zealand style!. Access is easy with a straight glide from the top of Treble Cone’s quad chair to the saddle between Gotleibs and Towers Ridge. Here the fun starts with a 300m fall line ski descent on 30-35 degree ribs of snow down the ‘Commitment Chutes’, into the Western north branch of the Motutapu. It’s south facing so holds good powder – but watch out as it is prone to slides and is a terrain trap.

We then cruised down the valley, and bumped into a herd of chamois grazing in the sun. Skins on for a short mellow ascent up to the south ridge of Gotleibs. The south ridge makes a perfect mellow route back up to the summit of Gotleibs. However there is a short rocky scramble at the beginning, however this was bypassed by skiing a short run into the Eastern North Branch of the Motutapu, then back onto the ridge until we found the perfect place to ski the east face of Gotleibs. Confusing? Check out the map, get the conditions right and then ski this. Its quality backcountry skiing right from the Treble Cone doorstep!

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  1. JFH says:

    Skied this on Friday – it is a great circuit – needed the old ski crampons and some firm ski slopes but enough snow to get round. Would be great in soft snow and/or a warmer day. The chamois didn’t make an appearance for us! Be keen to go back and ski the SW slopes from the 1800m contour off the south ridge of Gotliebs down to the valley – could get in a good 600m before returning as described above

  2. JMR says:

    Cool that you enjoyed this…have you got any photos from this to post?.

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