Third Waterfall Stream from Macauley Valley, Two Thumb Range

The Third Waterfall Stream must surely have been named by someone without imagination, as it is a mundane name for what is actually a wonderful valley . This is a stunningly beautiful spot overlooking the Macauley River.
Looking up the Macauley Valley, Mt Sibbald in background
The Two Thumb range sits far enough to the east of the main divide to get quite dry powder at times. The terrain is easy to negotiate, undulating, interesting and expansive enough to spend many a day tracking out.
Walking up the initial 400m from the valley floor to the snow line
We spent the night in Tekapo, then drove pre-dawn, yawning, out to the end of the road at the Macauley River crossing. We locked the hubs, put the Landcrusher into low 4, and pushed our way across the Macauley river. It is a river not to underestimate. There has been many a sad drowning of vehicles in this river, and water levels fluctuate greatly during the day. I once did a SAR course on river crossings with vehicles. The instruction given was that best way to cross is in low range, second gear, as it gets the bow wave in front of the truck at the optimal level. There is a little information on the route with DoC here.
4wd in the Macauley river valley
You will need a four wheel drive vehicle to access the Third Waterfall, or you might try ebiking in..
Crossing the Macualey river in below average flows
Check the weather before you head in. There is a webcam on Mt St John (AOPA – see here) or have a look on the Roundhill snow report and webcam here or, the Mt Dobson snow report and webcam here The Macauley gets snow from the westerly fronts and can catch a bit from the SW. The big falls are often early in the season and out of the east. A weather map for a big snow fall might look like this:
Here there is enough of a south easterly component for good snow falls. It takes around an hour to get up the initial steeper section from the valley floor until the snowline at about 1300m. Its really easy travel in short tussock with the occasional spaniard to contend with. A friend once told me that is her favourite part..
At about 1300m. Stony Basin, Lilybank Station, and Mt Erebus in background .
The ski touring is straight forward and technically quite easy. This makes for a good intermediate route.
Heading up Third Waterfall Valley at about 1400m
There are a few creek crossings to contend with, as the route meanders its way up.
Skinning up Third Waterfall valley at about 1600m
Once the upper basin is reached (1730m on map) there is the option to proceed to the left or right, as you decide. We went to the left, which gave us a wonderful ski descent in chalky boot deep powder, It was unexpectedly good, considering it had been a week since the previous snow fall. The temperatures had stayed cool though…
Upper Third Waterfall basin
Upper Basin, pt 2214 to the right.
Its quite a long journey into the Third Waterfall basin. It took us 3 hours from the valley floor to the 2000m mark. To expedite it might be a better idea to camp at the bottom of the route in the Macauley river bed. There are many places to camp.
There is plenty of skiing to be had once you reach the upper basins. The area is so vast that we felt we didn’t touch a lot of what is on offer. So we did some investigation, and found out that there is a helicopter stationed at Mesopotamia Station in the Rangitata Valley. Its a Hughes 500 with a payload of 410kg, and in 2021 a flight cost of $1900.00 per hour. An option could be to fly in and camp for a few days..