Towers Ridge – access from Treble Cone

Towers Ridge is the continuation of the Summit Ridge of Treble Cone beyond Wedding Cake Rock (see map). The quickest access is to boot pack above the Saddle Quad to gain height, followed by a long gliding traverse and then a short skin back up to the ridge before Wedding Cake.Wedding Cake rock can be skirted on either side depending on conditions.

Groups usually ski off the western ridge of Wedding Cake catching south facing slopes and then work south along Towers ridge.

Runs are typically steeper to start and then run out into lovely low angle satin cruising to where the the terrain drops really steep to the valley floor (See Jethro’s post on the Motatapu circuit)

The only down-side of Towers is that if the powder is going off the heliskiers may be out in force.

Options for heading back are:

  • high (back up to the ridge and then ski down to the Quad)
  • middle – cruise back along the obvious bench gradually climbing towards the top of the Quad.
  • low – ski off Gotliebs peak (1869) either SE or NE slopes to valley floor and skin up to the bottom of the quad
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