Our mission is to build the best online resource for Ski Touring in New Zealand.  We invite everyone to share their ideas so that we can keep building the resource with new tours and inspirational images.

New Zealand ski touring is exceptionally weather and conditions dependent. To make the best use of your time follow these steps: i) Look to see where the weather is best ii) Figure out where the snow has been falling, and on what aspects and elevations iii) Find a ski tour that fits in with these parameters.

For further info on what ski touring in NZ entails have a look at the page FAQ

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Ski touring is a dangerous sport. Anyone undertaking this sport does so at thier own risk and carries all the associated responsibilities.

The information provided here is an informal record of ski touring in NZ.

The skills required for back-country skiing include strong off piste skiing skills, avalanche awareness, route finding and in some cases mountaineering skills.

Access is often a sensitive issue. Whilst this site aims to provide accurate information about access, it remains the ultimate responsibility of the user to ensure the appropriate permissions are sought and rules and/or regulations are obeyed.

For tours which start (or end) at a ski area, please read the Ski area access guidelines.

The  Walking Access New Zealand website (www.wams.org.nz) is a great resource for public access information and for back-country huts.